“Perseverance and spirit have done wonders in all ages.”
George Washington

BW_CHARGE_STEVE ALPERTImage courtesy of Steve Alpert

1780 Was a Rough One for Colonials–The Continental Dollar was worth about 1 cent
but the Battle of Kings’ Mountain turned the tide!

Ezekiel’s March Introduction

USMC Captain Thomas O’Neil concludes his Ezekiel’s March tour
with a visit to The Lawrenceville School-Includes lecture and Q&A’s

Final Roll Call Honoring Captain William Shippen at conclusion of
Ezekiel’s March-January 3,2017

The Spiritual Aspects of Ezekiel’s March 1/28/2017 Part One

Final Roll Call-Captain William Shippen at Princeton Battlefield

Ezekiel’s March with Frontline Guardians Captain O’Neil and Leo Bridgewater

Larry Kidder on Ezekiel Anderson

A Friend of Ezekiel’s Stops by

Captain O’Neil at Princeton Battlefield-Thank you!

Channel 6, Philadelphia Coverage of Ezekiel’s March- 1/3/2017

The Winter Patriots

African American Heroes of the Revolutionary War. The Story of Us

From Washington’s Crossing to Victory at Princeton

Victories at Trenton and Princeton

Ten Days That Changed The World

For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Black Patriots

Remembering Ezekiel’s March -Added 2/1/2017  28:30