Transcendent Aspects of Ezekiel’s March

All along, the fortifying aspect of Ezekiel’s March has been an on-going spiritual energy which has ennobled Captain Thomas O’Neil and others in the team.  Ancient Greeks felt that the physical world was, in many ways inferior to the spiritual world.  They believed that the physical world is but a shadow of the spiritual world, which to them, was the real world.  Biblically, there is mind, body, and soul, and many references to it in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 and Hebrews 4:12.
Without getting into extensive philosophical discussions at this point, Captain O’Neil feels that to neglect the spiritual aspect of this journey is to leave much of the meat on the bone, so to speak.    He has actively read and pursued avenues traditionally removed from history.  Tom O’Neil has had the unmistakable feeling that this journey has been connected to ancient relatives and wants to explore the veracity of Washington’s march and the intermingled fabric of history that it entails.  The Greeks feel that “The nature of man was created with all three components, but the fall of man resulted in the death of the spirit in man.”  Tom does not want to ignore the energy that he feels is obviously there from his ancestors and has delved into feelings that he has bookmarked along the way that supports his intuition.

A video that begins the discussion of the spiritual nature of Ezekiel’s March.