Photo Collection and Some Reflections…

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Former Marine Captain Thomas A. O’Neill III has had a unique life.  He just authenticated his genealogy that he is the great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Ezekiel Anderson, Private in the 2nd Continental Army, and scout for Washington’s March from Trenton to Princeton.  He had hoped, early on, to earn a chance for the NFL, having broken many of NFL Giant’s QB Scott Bruner at Lawrence High School near Trenton, NJ, but an injury put an end to that phase of his life.

Tom’s latest adventure is one with a better future for us all.  Having arrived home after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, he felt that there was something missing in the country he loved.  He sensed a rise in exclusion, racism, and all the bad things he knew shouldn’t be here.  His walk, on the evening of January 2nd and into the morning of January 3rd will recreate Ezekiel’s steps with his own bootmark.  Learning how great an impact black soldiers had on our nation, even then, convinced him that his march had to stand for something more.  Specialist Leo Bridgewater, an aspiring Trenton student who one day hopes to be the mayor of Trenton, will join the walk.   Tom and Leo, in solidarity for all that is good, will walk, and afterward, go to various schools to keep the flame of liberty alive.  Believe it!