About Ezekiel Anderson


Larry Kidder on Ezekiel Anderson  Short video about Ezekiel and the Andersons of Hunterdon County

“The Andersons had a reputation for standing up for the rights of the common man…”  ~Larry Kidder

Though Ezekiel Anderson is not quite a household name, he was a proud member of the Anderson Clan of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and did his part to solidify the Continental Army’s victory over Colonial British rule.  As a Private in the 2nd Continental Army, his bravest moment came in leading Washington’s troops in the dead of night, January 3rd, 1777, along what were then obscure paths and a crude road from the Crosswicks Quaker Meeting House to the Stony Brook Meeting House near Princeton, across the Great Bear Swamp, and into the back door of British regulars at Princeton.  Anderson’s place in history is secure, as his father, Captain John Anderson, who freed David Brearley in the first known insurrection against the King.  The Andersons never backed down in the defense of freedom and Ezekiel’s brother, Ephraim, was nearly killed trying to set British ships ablaze in a daring incident in Boston Harbor.  His great-great-great-great-great grandson, retired CaptainThomas A. O’Neill III picks up the gauntlet that this ancestor left for him 240 years ago this January 3rd, 2017, marching along the same route Ezekiel blazed so long ago for a just cause of unity and equal respect for all Americans.